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How much bad luck can one woman have? Funny, dark, emotional, and truthful, Dishonour On Your Cow follows Santoso’s personal journey to self acceptance, recovery, and the discovery that the most fulfilling life she can lead is by her own merit.
An exclusive Fringe World Festival 2020 preview, Dishonour On Your Cow features comedian Silvi Santoso, as seen on the Canadian National tour, Detroit Women’s Comedy Festival, Bangkok International Comedy Competition, We The Men New York and Toronto, She Devil Comedy Festival New York, Comedy Girl Las Vegas, and Laugh Factory’s Funniest Person in the World Competition in Los Angeles.
“Part autobiography and part stand-up comedy – Santoso brightens up her darkest moments, using comic songs and narrative, bedazzling her life and her outlook – with more cowbell!”
Content Triggers and Warnings: Mental Health, Sexual Assault, Sexual References, Suicide/Self Harm, Occasional Coarse Language.

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Pink Shadows – Dance & Physical Theatre Fringe Production- Performed by Annelise Colman & Cheyenne Davis.
“In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer.” Albert Camus.

Think, in one instance, a life changed; that moment transforming a path never expected to be travelled. When pitted against the darkness of tragedy, one can triumph. This notion inspired the creation of ‘Pink Shadows’.
The work pays tribute to enlightening memoirs of lives lived courageously, of those who found a way to defy expectations and age-old beliefs. A fusion of contemporary dance and physical theatre, ‘Pink Shadows’ will transport its audience chapter by chapter, exploring anguish, protest and renewed hope.

$20 Chicken Parmi Night
Choose your parmi done one of the following ways:
3 Cheese- Napolitana Sauce, parmesan, mozzarella & feta.
Aloha- Bacon, pineapple, napolitana sauce & mozzarella
Fireball – Chipotle, roasted capsicum & mozzarella
Meat Lovers – BBQ bourbon sauce, bacon, pork belly, ground beef & mozzarella.
Old Fashioned – Napolitana sauce & Mozzarella cheese.